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If you suffer from fine lines and wrinkles, acne congestion or hyperpigmentation (dark spots), consider the benefits of a chemical peel. Our fire and ice chemical peel rapidly and safely resurfaces the skin to reveal a newer, brighter you without any downtime, peeling or other negative side effects. Excellent for all skin types and ages. Experience the ​ultimate treatment stars get the day of a red carpet event to achieve glowing, radiant skin​. Incorporate the fire and ice peel with our customized facial for our most popular treatment: The Hollywood Treatment. Jocelyn Slaughter, MD and Lori Dalcour, NP proudly serve the Snellville, Georgia and Lawrenceville, Georiga community alongside their expert aesthetician, Amy, who has over 15 years of experience specializing in women’s health. To learn how a chemical peel can keep your skin glowing and beautiful, call The Healthy Woman or click to book a consultation today.

Chemical Peel Q & A

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel, also known as derma peeling or chemexfoliation, is a chemical solution that exfoliates off old skin to reveal a fresh, new layer. The result is smoother and regenerated skin with fewer lines and uneven skin tone.

  • Correct uneven skin pigmentation
  • Improve sun-damaged skin texture
  • Treat dryness
  • Soften acne
  • Treat blemishes
  • Reduce age spots
  • Lessen liver spots

What to expect: 

The peel is left on the skin for 3-5 minutes. During this time you may feel a slight warm, tingly sensation. This stops once the skin is neutralized. After the treatment, you will experience instant brightening and tightening of the skin. There is no downtime (peeling). You may experience mild redness immediately after the treatment, however, this usually subsides in a few hours.

How to prepare for a treatment: 

If you use any retinoic products, discontinue use 1-3 days prior to your treatment day.

What is a chemical peel made from?

There are many different types of chemical peels. Here at The Healthy Woman, our skin care products are medical grade and botanical to give you the best results with as little irritation as possible. Our fire and ice chemical peel is a glycolic acid sourced from sugarcane.

Dr. Slaughter and Dr. Dalcour at The Healthy Woman make great strides to provide every skin type with the optimal skin peel formula it needs to generate the most stunning, glowing results. Call or click to book your chemical peel consultation today.